The Concept of Time and Detail: Yours May Be Different than USG’s, So Take Note!

Tempus ex machina
Image by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ via Flickr

In some cultures, time is a fluid concept.  People don’t watch the clock and are more relaxed about deadlines.

This approach to time is not right or wrong, but if you are contracting with the U.S. government you will want to understand that meeting deadlines stated in the contract is critical to getting paid.

If a USG contractor does not perform work within the contractually-required time, he can be deemed in default, and also earn a bad reputation.

This same principle applies to the contract’s specifications. The USG strictly enforces its specifications, so be sure you fulfill them as your scope of work states.

Contractors who take a more strict and literal view of time and specifications will find it easier to please the USG.

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