Going to Buy Local? Plan Ahead, Check if On Spec

Buy Fresh, Buy Local (lomo)
Image by stevegarfield via Flickr

A common problem for USG contractors is running into delays due to local suppliers’ goods being worse than anticipated, or even non-existent.

This post describes (1) planning to avoid such delays due to local problems; or (2) if it’s too late, effectively dealing with such delays.

Bidding Stage, and Failure to Research the Local Supply Market

At the bidding stage, a USG contractor obviously has a lot to think about. Among the issues, you of course will consider include what types of supplies you’d need to do the contractual work, how much such supplies typically cost, etc.

One issue, while simple however, may go unexamined by USG contractors during bidding: whether the local market can actually supply the goods you assume it can.

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