Navigating the U.S. Legal System, If You are a USG Contractor (or Sub) Outside the U.S.

Compass Rose

Compass Rose (Photo credit: mwcarruthers)

Many companies that are located outside the United States, and that are contractors and subcontractors on United States Government (USG) projects, are unaware of the legal systems and rights that can apply to their contracts and interactions.  Working on project for the U.S. government does not necessarily mean, if problems come up, you can sue the U.S. government. Your complaint may instead be against the prime contractor company with whom you have a contract. There are a variety of factors that determine who you can sue, where and how, when your work is connected to the U.S. government or a U.S. company working overseas. This article gives a high-level overview of law and areas of the U.S. legal system that could apply to your matters.

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