Did Your Do-It-Yourself Fixes Get You Nothing for Your Contract Dispute? Investing in Legal Help May Get Results You Want

Before retaining us as attorneys to assist them, many of our  clients first had tried to solve their legal problems on their own. They thought they understood their contract and situation well enough to address it.  Many had hoped their communications and strategies with the contracting officer would solve the problem.

But often the contractors’ do-it-yourself methods did not work, and they were met with rejection. And many were not sure why. At that point, they decided professional help was needed.

If you have a legal dispute involving a contract or otherwise, you may be in the process of trying to fix things yourself. You may well be very good at running your business and solving problems that arise. But you cannot be an expert in everything.

If you get the sense your fixes to legal issues are not working, you may consider making an investment in an attorney. Whether that investment is worthwhile depends on several factors: (1) What’s the result you have achieved on your own?  (2) What’s the best result possible, in terms of how much money or legal penalties are available? (3) Are you sure you identified all possible means of legal leverage? (4) How much in legal fees could you expect to pay, and is an attorney willing to share risk with a reduced fee or contingency fee arrangement ? (5) What are your odds of getting a much better result with an attorney than you could on your own? (5) Is the legal fee and risk worth the likely outcome you could achieve by hiring an attorney?

The blog authors, as litigation attorneys, help most of our clients obtain a significant return on investment of their legal fees. For example, a client on a contingency fee may receive at least $2 for every $1 we receive in legal fees. The better the financial result, the better for everyone. If an attorney is willing to share some or all of the financial risk for your matter, the investment in hiring an attorney becomes more affordable.

If your do-it-yourself efforts are not bringing the results you want to achieve for your contract dispute, please consider contacting us at atty@vkvlaw.com or (+1) 202-340-1215(+1) 202-340-1215 if you want to learn more about legal representation and suggestions how you can reach the best resolution.


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